Kangaroo Family is a three-piece set including Kangaroo Father, Mother and cradled baby. The Father and Mother figures’ heads, hands and feet can be moved, allowing them to take on a number of different poses. The cradled baby figure’s heads can be moved. Father, Richie is a huge sports fan and works as a sports writer for the Sylvanian Village newspaper.
Mother, Sandy is a sports teacher. She invites the village’s children to watch games and teaches them how to run faster in order to show them the beauty of sports. Her favourite sport is rugby, so she can explain the difficult rules in a simple manner.
Cradle baby, Katie loves to take a lot of naps and listen to lullabies. When she wakes up, she always wants a lot of hugs from her family. She loves being the center of attention!Combining with other homes, furniture, and figures allows for even more enjoyable pretend play (sold separately).

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