Whitelab Exfoliating Toner

With the main content of AHA 6% + Niacinamide 2% + BHA 1% + PHA 0.10%
Whitelab Exfoliating toner is a product specially formulated for medium exfoliation levels.

Powerful Ingredients:
Alpha Hydroxy Acid of the type Lactic Acid 5% and Glycolic Acid 1%: effectively helps to remove dead skin cells that bind to the top skin surface, and helps brighten the skin.
Niacinamide 2%: helps control oil production and reduces redness and irritation caused by acne.
-Beta Hydroxy Acid / Salicylic Acid: functions to exfoliate the skin, and help clean pores that are closed by dirt and oil.
-Polyhydroxy Acid from the type of Lactobionic Acid 0.10%: functions as a humectant to attract water from around the skin surface, and increase skin hydration.

Benefit :
– Removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin
– Helps brighten and even out skin
– Reduces redness and irritation caused by acne
– Helps clean pores that are closed by dirt and oil
– Increases hydration and moisturizes the skin

How to use: Pour an adequate amount of Whitelab Exfoliating Toner into the palm of the hand/cotton, gently wipe with a cotton pad all over the cleansed face and neck.

Directions: Hydroxy Acid in this Exfoliating Toner can increase skin sensitivity to sun exposure. Use this product at night, no more than once a day. Also, use sunscreen and limit sun exposure after using this product.

Dermatologically Tested
For all skin types
Suitable for Acne-Prone & Sensitive Skin.
Can be used from 12 years old and above.
Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Contents: 60 ml
Barcode: 8997220241608

Weight 0,08 kg


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