Cover Material: Hardcover
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Publish Date : 2013-10-08
Author: McGillick, Paul
ISBN-13 : 9780804843331
Page : 208


“Today’s byword is sustainability, and in few arenas is that more evident than in architecture. The Sustainable Asian House celebrates the new architectural vocabulary of environmental, social, and cultural sustainability as it is now emerging in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The houses in this book are an exciting representation of the region’s reinterpretation of tropical architecture and its growing interest in traditional materials and craftsmanship. There is a new emphasis on fresh air, natural light, and spatial variety. Designers are considering issues such as orientation to the sun and prevailing winds to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. The twenty-seven houses are featured in this fascinating and stunningly photographed study.”

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