Cover Material: Paperback
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publish Date :
Author: Morozumi, Junka, Mizuna, Tomomi
ISBN-13: 9784805315712
Page: 96

Description :

Create interesting and expressive manga characters by learning the techniques of professional artists.

This volume builds on the proven three-step technique presented in the companion volume, Drawing Basic Characters.

1. Trace a simple outline of the character
2. Add clothing, facial expressions, and other details using the easy-to-follow tips
3. Use color and pen to create the finished character

Experienced manga artists Junka Morozumi and Tomomi Mizuna are your guides to the dazzling world of lifelike and expressive manga characters who literally leap off the page. Through expert tips and richly illustrated, step-by-step tutorials, they help you to build your skills and confidence at the same time.

Their focus is on creating a dynamic body pose and face for each character and illustration. First, you are shown how to sketch a well-proportioned outline, then how to fill in supporting details-powerful dramatic expressions, clothing, and actions. Bold examples portray an array of body types and faces, each capturing a different mood or action sequence.

Whether your character has just won a major victory and is leaping into the air in triumph, or you want to draw the subtlety of a forlorn expression, this book will allow you to capture it. No matter what story you’re telling, Drawing Dynamic Manga Characters shows you how the pros do it.

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