LAUGH AND LEARN- Halloween is in fall, Christmas in winter. You go sailing in summer and see butterflies in spring. Children love playing and learning about the weather, holidays, activities and events with our attractive educational board game!
EASY GAMEPLAY- Flowers in spring, sun in summer, leaf in fall and snowflakes in winter. Turn a card-Santa! Quick, the 1st player to grab the snowflake and put it on the winter board, keeps it. A super-fast game to develop their knowledge of seasons.
SKILL BUILDER – Review each picture card, have discussions and guide kids to sort cards across sub-categories. Builds language and reasoning skills, season identification, categorisation, logical and critical thinking.
PERFECT KIDS GIFT- Best to play together with friends, families or siblings at home. Encourages social interaction. Perfect gifts for boys and girls for a birthday party, back to school or any special occasion.
PARENTS AND TEACHERS- We promise our developmental games and toys help you connect with the kids while building character, values and key learning skills. Unplugged fun for memorable and meaningful family time. Also great resources for therapy.

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