”Just Relax Again” is intended for teenagers and young adults. Children under the age of 17 are not recommended to play this game because it contains jokes that tend to be adult in nature. This game is full of jokes that are a little fast and have an adult element. So people who are acutely frustrated are not recommended to play this game. Not intended for playing with family, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother. (Sisters who are not yet 17 years old are also not recommended to play this game huh) This game is very easy to learn (maximum 5 minutes for people with low IQ). Whoever is the funniest is the winner. Suitable for those who like to hang out with friends, like to joke, relax, and especially not emotional. This game promises to make the day more cheerful and fun. Apart from the box you see, there are 3 main components inside.

1. 1 Sheet Rule Book (Rules for Use)

2. 100 Green Cards (Question)

3. 500 White Cards (Answers)

Weight 1 kg

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