Purebb Shampoo: Shampoo to clean the baby’s hair and scalp that is specially formulated No Added SLS and has been tested for Hypoallergenic, gentle on the eyes with a pH of 5.5

Purebb Wash : Liquid bath soap with a special No Added SLS formula which functions to cleanse from head to toe and helps keep baby’s skin soft and not dry

PureBB Laundry Liquid: laundry Liquid with effective formulation that clean your laundry and safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Help to keep the clothes, sheets and other fabrics soft and no potentially harmful chemicals that can cause baby’s skin irritation, dermatitis, allergic and prickly heat.

PureBB Liquid Cleanser:  Liquid cleanser with food grade formula is safe for cleaning all the baby dishes and remove unpleasant odor. Kill bacteria with natural Anti Bacterial. No Fragrance, will not giving any aroma that can mixed with the food or drink

Weight 2 kg

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