Pure Kids Antispetic :Is a pioneer of antiseptic sanitizers specially formulated for children to parents with the WHO standard formulation. With Dual Antiseptic, it kills viruses, bacteria and germs Double moisturizer keeps your baby’s hands comfortable

Purekids Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 50 ml  in liquid form with 2 variants of aroma
Lemon and Strawberry, are used to clean hands from viruses, bacteria and germs

Pure Kids Antiseptic Wipes Sanitizer 20 sheets with variant of Aroma, Lemon. Used to clean objects that will be held by your little one from bacteria and viruses.
But it is also safe if it comes into contact with the skin because the formulation is the same as an antiseptic hand sanitizer.

Pure Kids Inhalant Decongestant Oil : Aromatherapy to relieve cold & nasal congestion WITHOUT MEDICINE.

EFFECTIVE Due to the inhalation of the vapor, the combination of 6 natural ingredients in Purekids Inhalant works directly to the source of the common cold, which is to thin mucus and relieve nasal congestion.

Weight 0,8 kg

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