Orbis is a tactical game of world development and strategic resource management,
in which players take on the roles of gods creating their best universes.
Utilizing lands lost in the aether, players accumulate worshippers to spend on
even more fruitful lands — some of which grant game-changing bonuses. The key to
victory lies in having the most creation points (CPs) at the end of the game!

On your turn, you must take a tile from either the nine region tiles in the
center of the table or the available God tiles. (A player may take only one God
tile throughout the game.) Every time you take a region tile, worshippers of the
same color as the tile taken are placed on adjacent tiles, making the tiles left
behind more enticing for the next player. Restrictions apply to region tile
placement, making each decision tougher than the last!

After fifteen rounds, the game ends when all players have created their
universe, at which point CPs are calculated, bonus tiles awarded, and a winner
is crowned. Beautifully simple yet rich in strategy, Orbis is a different game
each and every time you play it.

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