Cover Material: Paperback
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publish Date: 2011-04-10
Authors: Martin, John H., Martin, Phyllis G.
ISBN-13: 9784805309186
Pages: 376


The only Japan travel guide you’ll need for getting around Kyoto! Everything you need is in this one convenient package including extensive area maps! Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital and modern day center of tourism and traditional culture is one of the world’s most beautiful and historic cities. Founded nearly 1300 years ago and undamaged by the war Kyoto today is the home of over 1600 Buddhist temples400 Shinto shrines countless national treasures and 17 World Heritage sites including the famed Golden PavilionNijo Castle and Kiyomizu Temple.To experience the essence of Kyoto you must walk its avenues and street sits alleys and byways. Only in this way can you appreciate the true spirit of the place, its quiet lanes and bustling main thoroughfares and the juxtaposition of traditional and modern houses and shops serene gardens and holy temples and shrines.This Kyoto travel guide presents 29 easy to follow walking tours through Kyoto’s history, its many unique districts and scenic areas full of charm and character. You’ll discover not only the most renowned sites such as the Silver Pavilion the rock garden at Ryoan Ji Temple and the garden of the Heian Shrinebut also little known areas off the beaten track. Much more than a guide book this volume tells the historical and cultural story of Kyoto’s great monuments. The colorful tales fascinating facts larger than life characters and grand events that shaped the city and Japan at large will enthrall every reader. This updated greatly expanded guide features over 100 color photos full color maps that trace each route and detailed diagrams of many individual sites.

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