Cover Material: Paperback
Publisher: Monsoon Books
Publish Date: 2017-11-01
Author: Blum, Alwin
ISBN-13: 9781912049264
Pages: 224

Description :

Beyond Bali known for idyllic images of Hollywood movies and five-star resorts, holidays are the secret lives of men and women who flock to the island from around the world in search of new beginnings. Not all find the bliss and peace they hope for. Island Secrets is a collection of stories about lives fraught with scandal conflict heartache and despair. A western wife of a Balinese man enjoys a happy marriage and all the trappings of island wealth but the arrival of a man from home throws her life into turmoil as she surrenders to his seduction. A successful middle-aged ad exec leaves his family to become an artist; he lives an enviable life with a beautiful woman half his age but he soon finds himself weary of paradise. A recently divorced woman goes on a solo holiday and is irresistibly drawn to an attractive young man of dubious intentions. Bali-resident Alwin Blum offers up vignettes of Bali with characters who navigate their new lives in the sunshine and tropical splendor of the island while harboring darkness within. Some stay for a season others for the rest of their days. Some come to forget through sensual escapades while others re-invent themselves to fit with the brand-new lives they have created.

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