Cover Material: Paperback
Publisher: Periplus Editions
Publish Date: 2008-09-15
Author: Covarrubias, Miguel
ISBN-13: 9780794605629
Pages: 480


First published in 1937, Island of Bali is still regarded by many as the most authoritative text on Bali and its fascinating people. Included is a wealth of information on the daily life, art, customs, and religion of this magical “Island of the Gods.” In the author’s own words it presents a “bird’s-eye view of Balinese life and culture.”

Miguel Covarrubias, the author, was a noted painter and caricaturist as well as a student of anthropology. He lived in Bali for a total of three years in the early 1930s, and today his account is as fresh and insightful as it was when it was originally published. Introducing the island with a survey of hits history, geography, and social structure, Covarrubias goes on to present a captivating picture of Balinese art, music, and drama. Religion, witchcraft, death, and cremation are also covered.

Island of Bali will appeal to anyone with interest in this unique island, from general Eat, Pray, Love readers to serious anthropologists alike. Complementing the text are 90 drawings by Covarrubias and countless others by Balinese artists. Also included are 114 half-tone photographs, and five full-color paintings by the author.

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