Cover Material:
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing; Book and Kit with CD
Publish Date : 2013-09-16
Author : Zane Goebel
ISBN-13 : 9780804843638

Description :

Indonesian Flashcard is an excellent new Indonesian language-learning resource for beginning students of Indonesian.

Before heading out to Bali, the best way to learn Indonesian is to start practicing with these flashcards and give a boost to your Indonesian language skills. Since Indonesian uses a romanized alphabet, you can read Indonesian without learning a new alphabet or special characters. Each card features definitions, related words, sample sentences, and thematic grouping. This flashcards kit contains:

300 hole-punched flashcards featuring the most commonly used words.
Native speaker audio recordings of 1,200+ Indonesian words and phrases.
A 32-page study booklet with sorting indexes and practice tips.
Each card has one main vocabulary item and several derived words.
Ideal for beginning students of Indonesian and anyone living in the country.

These Indonesian flashcards are an excellent way of gradually increasing your Indonesian vocabulary. Their compact format makes them easy to carry around with you as you go about your regular routine, and you can make use of any spare minutes throughout the day to test yourself or take the next step in your Indonesian language learning. The key to building a working vocabulary is frequent exposure rather than prolonged study sessions, and with these flashcards it is easy to make good use of any odd minutes that would otherwise be wasted on the bus, standing in line, or over a cup of coffee.

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