Cover Material: Paperback
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Publish Date : 2020-03-10
Author : Matsu
ISBN-13 : 9784805315613
Pages : 176

Description :

Anatomy and art combine in this incredibly detailed manga drawing guide that offers an in-depth look at the human body.

Manga artists of every level will benefit from this essential anatomical overview. Step-by-step instructions bring manga characters to life and provide a clearly defined and easy-to-follow art course on the human body. With more than 1,500 highly-detailed drawings and useful tips from a manga artist actually working in the business, this book is a self-contained art class in a single volume.

In this book, the body is covered head-to-toe-from various angles and positions with versions for men, women and children all provided. How to Create Manga: Drawing the Human Body is a must-have for budding manga artists and an essential reference for experienced artists looking to hone their ability to draw certain parts of their characters with greater accuracy.

Tuttle’s How to Create Manga series guides users through the process of reaching a professional-looking final drawing through actual sketch progressions, practical tips and common missteps to avoid. Other books in the series include How to Create Manga: Drawing Facial Expressions, How to Create Manga: Drawing Clothing and Accessories and How to Create Manga: Drawing Action Scenes and Characters.

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