Cover Material: Paperback
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Publish Date : 2013-03-12
Author : Dewar, Andrew
ISBN-13 : 9780804843072
Pages : 0

Description :

Fold and fire aerodynamic paper airplanes dozens of feet into the air with this easy origami kit.


High-Performance Paper Airplanes presents a collection of realistic origami paper airplanes from well-known author and paper aviation expert Andrew Dewar. Dewar has spent decades perfecting the art of folding easy paper airplanes that both look great and fly well. This new series takes paper airplanes to new heights–literally, The planes can be fired high into the air with a rubber band launcher and are designed to circle down for a long time. The airplane designs are also printed in full color on both sides and precut so you just need to push them out and assemble them using a bit of glue. Although fun for folders of any age these paper plane designs are so uncomplicated that they can be considered “origami-for-kids” projects and are a great way to learn origami.


The origami airplanes range from simple designs that can be constructed in under a minute to detailed scale replicas that look and fly like the real thing. The included instructional origami book not only explains how to assemble each plane but how to fine-tune it to coax the best performance. Helpful tips for hosting competitions with your friends and suggestions for designing your own origami airplane models are also included.


This paper airplanes kit contains:

  • Rubberband catapult
  • 46 page full-color origami book
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • Tips on building and flying paper planes
  • 10 pre-cut paper airplane models
  • Special durable lightweight cardstock
  • Colorful and realistic designs

Fun to make and fantastic to fly these beautiful models are guaranteed to turn heads and draw a crowd of spectators every time you fly them. Using the rubber-band catapult and with a bit of practice you’ll be able to launch paper planes that remain aloft for 30 to 60 seconds–and more


Paper airplane models include:

  • Hornet
  • Tiger
  • Eclipse
  • Zero
  • Corsair
  • And many more…
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