Details of these features:

1. PARTITION between nose and mouth
eGee-Pro® reusable masks are designed and constructed with SEPARATE breathing cavities to provide:
– Better HYGIENIC standards (separate nasal and mouth air).
– Standard STRENGTH (strong plastic protection with food-grade standards).
– Ease of breathing (lack of odor from the surrounding environment).

2. FILTRATION-GRADE (N95) Antiviral-bacterial refill filter
SUPERFINE mesh below 0.3 micrometers is designed to filter germs, bacteria, and viruses accredited by testing institutes in Germany to pass European and U.S SURGICAL MASK test standards. Effective in filtering Viruses, Bacteria, and microorganisms.

3. Reusable, WATERPROOF, and washable
The eGee-Pro® mask has a WATERPROOF plastic protector and can be washed and sanitized so that it can be reused making it a good mask for inside and outside the home and more economical, especially for heavy use such as FACTORY, SCHOOL and OUTSIDE AREAS.

Weight 0,1 kg

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