Cover Material: Hardcover
Publisher: National University of Singapore Press
Publish Date: 2017-08-15
Author: Spielmann, Yvonne
ISBN-13: 9789814722360
Pages: 240

Description :

Indonesia’s contemporary art scene is fast becoming a favorite among collectors and critics taking its place alongside the growing interest in works from ChinaIndiaand Korea. Pieces by Indonesian artists are selling for record-breaking prices and the country is preparing to open its first Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art this fall. After decades of struggling to find representation in international galleries and museums, Indonesia is staking its claim as a key player in the global art world.

Contemporary Indonesian Art is a comprehensive introduction to the country’s key artist-curators institutions and collectors. It demonstrates how early artists broke from colonial and post-colonial power structures and shows how today’s artists grapple with issues of identity globalization and nation-building in Indonesia. The survey crosses ethnic cultural and religious boundaries combining the traditional (batik woodcut dance and Javanese shadow puppet theater) with the contemporary (comics and manga graffiti and advertising). Taken together it is a powerful argument for why Indonesia is becoming a major force in the international art community.

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