This is the Original CHICKEN FLOSS BY RAJAWALI Products. Which has been certified as Halal MUI, makes you feel safe consuming it.

Safe Is Sure, But Is It Good?
Genuine CHICKEN FLOSS BY RAJAWALI, Made With SPECIAL AND SECRET RECIPES, Down-and-Over With Quality Of Care. So, you will not be disappointed when you eat this CHICKEN FLOSS BY RAJAWALI. Guaranteed Delicious Taste! Even the chicken floss by Rajawali is a delicious floss, becoming one of the typical food icons of Ciamis City, Indonesia.
For those of you who run out of side dishes and friends who eat rice, this the CHICKEN FLOSS BY RAJAWALI is very suitable to eat, delicious, tasty and delicious.

100% Halal
100% No MSG
100% Using Special Premium Materials
100% No Preservatives
100% Colorless Safe

Number of LP POM Halal MUI: 01011180560916 P-IRT Number: 201320702078-21

Don’t You Just Eat Rice! Add CHICKEN FLOSS BY RAJAWALI, Let It Be Delicious! Buy now! Ready to Ship Worldwide!

Weight 0,5 kg

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