Akrotiri puts you as an explorer in Classical Greek times, combing the uncharted Aegean Sea in search of a long-lost Minoan temple that has fallen into disrepair. Not only do you hear about the temples hidden around the island of Thera, but you actually have access to secret maps that tell you about their hidden locations! Two mountains to the north? The volcano in the west? This *should* be the place to be… But running an expedition can be expensive. To fund your journey into the unknown and excavate ancient temples, you must first send the resources found on the surrounding islands back to the resource-poor island of Thera. In Akrotiri which combines tile placement, hand management, and pick-up and delivery, players place ground tiles so that the board fits into the map they have. Players dig temples; those that are harder to find and those farther from Thera are more valuable to win, but the secret goal card keeps everyone guessing who’s the winner until the end! May the gods forever bless you with pleasant winds!

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