Cover Material: Hardcover
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Publish Date : 2018-03-13
Author: Hibbs, Linda
ISBN-13 : 9780804848503
Pages : 64

Description :

All About Indonesia takes kids on an exciting adventure through one of the world’s largest and most culturally diverse nations.


This Indonesian children’s book is perfect for educators and parents wishing to teach kids about this rapidly growing Asian country. Along the wayyoung readers will learn about Indonesian culturehistoryfoodlanguageand the natural beauty of this fascinating country. From popular sports to traditional danceseveryday dress to cuisine and school activitiesthis book provides glimpses of the daily life and culture of this exotic and rapidly growing region of Southeast Asia.


Through Indonesian storiessongscraftsgamesand recipes kids will:

  • Learn basic vocabulary from the national languageBahasa Indonesia
  • Learn how to make a traditional mask that is worn during special ceremonial dances
  • Learn how to create beautiful batik cloths and other crafts for kids
  • Experience the difference between big city life in Jakarta versus village living
  • Explore the beaches and volcanoes in places such as Bali and Sumatra
  • Learn how to bake sweet cake made with coconutand more delicious recipes

A timeless Indonesian book for kids and parents to treasure togetherAll About Indonesia offers not only the most essential facts about this unique country but also conveys the unique spirit that makes it one-of-a-kind.

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