Now Present, 3rd Generation NEO OTOMOMI. A Truly Relaxing Seat Massager, Relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage every time. Neo Otomomi 3 is equipped with a variety of massage program features that are specifically designed to relieve pain, fatigue, and muscle tension in the upper and lower back.


Kneading Massage – A squeezing technique consisting of rollers moving in a consistent circle. This helps relax and flex tense muscles.

Waving Massage – 3D massage with massage balls that can rotate up and down to produce a true acupressure massage sensation.

Shiatsu Massage – The shiatsu technique targets acupressure points to release trapped energy and relieve body pain, also stimulates cellular tissue to heal itself naturally and restore balance to the body.

Neo Otomomi 3 is now equipped with the innovative SEAT VIBRATION MASSAGE massage technique on the seat cushion, a vibration technique that can relax your tense muscles, and help increase vitality and help overcome reproductive organ problems. Using selected exclusive trowels and luxurious motif designs add to the impression of being limited and elegant.


Weight 14 Kg

Length 53 cm

Width 25 cm

Height 87 cm

Power 60 Watt

15 Minute Timer

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 58 × 30 × 92 cm

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